PrimeMeet Review – Everything you need to know about Prime Meet
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In this PrimeMeet review video, I’ll take you through the software and show you all the features, including how to start a live meeting, how to use the whiteboard, screen-sharing, recording feature and more.

You will also learn how PrimeMeet compares to other alternatives such as Zoom and GoToWebinar in terms of pricing and functionality.

I will also demo this software so you can see it for yourself not just on desktop, but on my mobile device as well.

PrimeMeet was created by Tom Yevsikov and Firas Alameh who have many years of experience as online marketers, so they know what other marketers need when it comes to online 1-on-1 meetings, webinars, coaching sessions and group coachings amongst more.

So is PrimeMeet really going to “kill” Zoom and GoToWebinar? Well in terms of price, surely, as PrimeMeet has a one-time price whereas the competition has monthly fees which can quickly add up to 10x the price of what this software delivers as a lifetime deal.

But is it sustainable? As you can see from the video of Tom, he’s very confident about PrimeMeet and the long-term vision of this live meeting software.

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