GMB SEO Golden Nuggets! – Daryl interviews Bradley Benner about Ranking GMBs and awesome SEO techniques.

Bradley is founder of Semantic Mastery and in this 3-hour webinar, he teaches best ways to build powerful GMBs, while building great natural rankings in Google. He teaches the core do’s and don’ts of making a formidable GMB that holds maximum placement in Google SERPS.

Bradley is able to get 80% of his traffic and leads from GMBs in his niche. Now he is pushing to leverage silo-ing techniques and some smart SEO strategies to build solid organic rankings to backup the GMB traffic.

Get the GMB Process Checklist (Cheatsheet) to rank your GMB in 90 Days:

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We hope to have Bradley back another time to talk more about GMBs and SEOs. Let us know in the comments your questions for the next interview with him.

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