In this video we will show you 5 SEO title tag tricks you can implement today to easily add and additional 10k-100k visitors to your website.
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Watch over my shoulder as I show you the exact tactics we used and the massive results that we got. Very powerful in combination with affiliate marketing.

The tricks:

01:15 1. Add the word ‘buy’ to it, e.g. Buy Playstation 4 (PS4)
02:46 2. Add a year to it, Buy Playstation 4 (PS4) in 2020
04:05 3. Add the word ‘best’ to it, e.g. Best LED sneakers of 2020
04:33 4. Add the words ‘top 10’to it, e.g. Top 10 Best LED sneakers of 2020
05:22 5. Put your brandname at the beginning, e.g. Ledzy | Top 10 best LED sneakers of 2020
06:32 Results

Combine them all for a maximum effect!

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