Developer/programmer & founder Mike Carson has recently launched, a new EPP based registrar built to serve handshake TLDs. This is an interesting partnership with, the biggest exchange for handshake TLDs and handshake coins, as well as with James Stevens, the former CTO of the dot-IO registry, who is creating the registry operator (like Afilias or VeriSign) specific for handshake TLDs.

(i) First, Mike clearly explains the decentralized protocol behind and why that is important.
(ii) We discuss the values behind this, cypherpunk activism, and how this prevents certain concerns. (iii) We discuss what impact this does have and has the potential to have on the entire internet.
(iv) Mike explains the TLD options and how to purchase and/or utilize these new assets.
(v) And we even review & walk you through a screenshare for resolver options for utilizing seeing these handshake TLDs!

Frankly, anyone who uses the internet and wants to know what the future may look like, and certainly any individual who invests in domains or corporate brand manager, will benefit from today’s show!

Check out for more info (watch the full episode here )!

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