Having too much work but still being broke just doesn’t make sense!

In this video, you’ll see my first ever BUSINESS SMACKDOWN to get to the bottom of why entrepreneurs experience overwhelm and stress…and still don’t have any money in their pockets!

I talk about key things that every business owner should keep in mind as they are starting or growing a business as well as specific SMACKDOWN challenges you can take to turn these strategies into a reality for your business. My tips include:
*Why you need to stop wasting time on unprofitable activities.
* How to find out where your time goes and what REALLY makes you money.
*How to get profit clarity on what it really costs you to produce the revenue that you bring into your business.
*The importance of walking your talk…if you say you want something, then make it happen now…don’t just talk about it.

C’mon over to https://www.marieforleo.com/blog/too-much-work-still-broke where the main discussion happens after the episode!

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