I’m going to spill the beans – Ecom businesses are far from passive.

Especially if you have no team. And even if you do have a team, there is a lot to manage.

Was this a bit of a shock to you?

For today’s video, I am going to walk you through Flippa and actually show you the top 3 passive income websites that are already making money.

Are you quite curious? Watch the video to learn more!

Episode Highlights

01:02 – Why Ecom businesses are tough to own
04:20 – Passive site #1 – Content website
06:14 – Passive site #2 – Content website with display ads
07:06 – Passive site #3 – Membership website
08:44 – Learn how to do due diligence for free

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📌 Niche Website Builders Deals – https://bit.ly/3BusZE3

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