Boulder-based entrepreneur Fletcher Richman’s background in investment capital and VC give him a unique approach to his startup, Learn how Halp masterfully combined the power of its $2.6 million seed round with a premium domain rebrand to maximize its growth to the next level.

Within the close-knit Silicon Flatirons culture, Fletcher built a standout SaaS company BubbleIQ, but reached the next level when rebranding to premium domain Learn how VCs should provide guidance to startup domain name choices, the acquisition process, and how Halp is making a statement via its rebrand!

On today’s show, hear what the premium domain name acquisition communicates and achieves for this B2B startup:
(i) Identifying product expansion
(ii) Growing credibility and positioning
(iii) Standing out from the competition
(iv) Sharing company culture
(v) and more!

If you’re looking for guidance for your startup naming choice, you’ll want to hear Fletchers’s thought process and VC experience!

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