Why Opt In Rates Don’t Matter…

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In this video you’ll see why opt-in rates alone doesn’t matter, and why you shouldn’t judge your online marketing campaigns based on this one factor.

Don’t get me wrong… All things being equal, a high opt-in rate is a great thing. However, not all traffic is created equal, and so sometimes you can get a high opt-in rate from a traffic source that isn’t suited your offer, and if you compare that with another source that is much more targeted towards your offer, but have a lower opt-in rate, you’ll find that the lower opt-in rate squeeze page and/or traffic source will convert bigger in terms of what actually matters…SALES!

Your squeeze page should get as many opt-ins as possible, but getting that opt in page to convert as high as possible is not all you want to focus on.

Make sure you track your whole funnel so you understand your traffic and which ones you should keep getting and which traffic sources you should avoid in the future.

Whether you’re buying solo ads or buying traffic from traffic agencies, you’ll want a tracker that can make the process easy for you.

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